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Quotes and Testimonials

  • Coffeehouse Management 101--how to do it right ~ Sandy Andina
    Please read this great magazine review!
  • "[8th Street Coffeehouse is] Escanaba's premier acoustic venue" ~ Chad Fisher
  • "[8th Street Coffeehouse's] back room turned into a mini concert hall." ~ Kraig Kenning, National Slide Guitar Champion
  • "What a great performance space! The backroom of the coffee shop is a perfect place to hear acoustic music. Comfort, great sound, and a
    wonderful audience makes 8th Street Coffeehouse one of the best places to play in Michigan. I can't wait to come back." ~ Matt Watroba, Host of Folks Like Us on WDET Detroit Public Radio
  • “The 8th Street Coffeehouse is one of the most comfortable places I have ever played. A true ‘Listening Room,’ its sense of intimacy provides the perfect setting for musical sharing. There's not a bad seat in the house and the proprietors of 8th Street and the Delta Folks family are so welcoming. What's not to like?” ~Dev Singh
  • "8th Street Coffeehouse presents a beautiful listening environment - great sound system, generous stage space, and plenty of comfortable seating for audience members. They're also GREAT at promoting the shows, which means that the community KNOWS about this wonderful place and they do come out to support what the coffeehouse is doing. Top notch!" ~ Kellie Lin Knott
  • "This is my 5th year of appearances at the coffeehouse, my first being in 1999 for an 'afterglow party' following my performance at the Michigan Theatre. I have returned to the 8th Street Coffeehouse stage at least once a year since then to perform. It is definitely one of my favorite "houses" to play! The intimacy of the room cannot be matched - and the appreciation of the local crowd is phenomenal! I intend to return again, and again, as long as I am able to sing my songs, and tell my stories. Thank you, to all at the 8th Street Coffeehouse, for co-creating this wonderful place for us artists to share our gifts of music." ~Cathy Bolton Singer/Songwriter/International Recording Artist
  • "The 8th Street Coffeehouse has one of the most unique settings the Escanaba area has to offer in that it reflects every genre of music; it's setting isn't just for country or rock bands. No matter what style of music one performs; folk, instrumental, spoken word, new age...the setting appeals to and enhances all. As a New Age artist, this was of concern. After performing there, I have no doubt that they will attract ALL styles of performers and all types of audiences, unlike many venues appealing to one or two. They offer great lighting, a nice sound system and more than ample space for performing. There's plenty of room for an artist to invite anyone and everyone! Plus, they offer great food and coffee. What more could you ask for!! I plan on making it one of my regular stops every year" ~Vicki Logan National Recording Artist | Chapter Coordinator, Just Plain Folks Minneapolis/St. Paul | Regional Director of the Positive Music Association | Owner Carvic, Inc. (Indie Recording Label/Publishing)
  • “8th Street Coffeehouse has a nice stage surrounded by comfortable seating which puts the performer and audience in the ‘classic’ coffee house atmosphere. The employees are very courteous and helpful. The audience is knowledgeable and appreciative. 8th Street is a great place to play and I'm looking forward to my next performance.” ~Ross Allured
  • The 8th Street Coffeehouse is one of my favorite places to play... Its warm and friendly, has interesting audiences and great coffee. More than just a place for musicians to play their tunes, 8th Street Coffeehouse is a gathering place for the community... A place to meet friends, play checkers or chess, read a book, and share ideas. If you want to see a true cross section of Escanaba, stop at the Coffeehouse... Like the Coffeehouses of yester year, it has something for everyone... We always look forward to our visits to Escanaba and The 8th Street Coffeehouse. Thanks for keeping the spirit of Folk alive ~Skip Jones – Wisconsin Folksinger & Storyteller
  • “Intimate atmosphere combined with great acoustics, 8th Street Coffeehouse is a great venue for a string band like the Red Pine Ramblers. Throw-in an appreciative audience and you can see why we love playing there.” ~Red Pine Ramblers, March, 2004
  • “…a unique atmosphere in Escanaba's 8th Street Coffeehouse, a place that encourages creativity.” ~Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA) February 1999 Newsletter
  • "Everything about the 8th Street Coffeehouse says, 'Welcome....welcome artists, welcome audience, welcome good music and sharing.' The room is comfy, definitely geared toward listening, free of noise and smoke. Hooray and thanks for making this great space, place & time for folk and acoustic music." ~Patricia Pettinga & Bill Willging
  • "8th Street Coffeehouse is one of the UP's great venues. We love playing in the relaxed, intimate back room--it's one of the few places around where people really have a chance to listen! So refreshing after a string of bar gigs!" ~ Jeff Krebs and John D. Beck
  • "I really enjoy performing at 8th Street because of the 'unique' environment, also because of the size of it! From the moment I walk in, to the moment I walk out, I am utterly amazed at the creativity and effort that is put into it. Oh yeah, the staff is really great too!!" ~ Eddie Bieber
  • "8th Street goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and at home as an artist - we enjoyed the warmth of the venue and the opportunity to connect with some great people." ~ Tasha Golden from Dividing the Plunder
  • "As soon as I entered the 8th Street Coffeehouse, I was greeted by staff and volunteers with warm and friendly faces who escorted me to the very cool back room, offered to help bring in equipment (always a good thing), and bent over backwards to make a newcomer to Escanaba feel right at home. The audience (a wonderful turnout) was quiet and attentive but not stuffy...they were there to enjoy themselves---not sit back and say "Prove I didn't just waste $10!" At the end of the night, people came up to buy CD's, ask questions, or just say what a great time it was.... I’ll take that anytime, anywhere. When it was all said and done, the staff and volunteers were again on hand to make sure I had gotten enough to drink.... and....helped me carry out equipment. As you've probably guessed, I highly recommend this gig." ~Greg Boerner

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