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Four Shillings Short

Four Shillings Short

Performed September 7th at 8pm EST

Click to play a sample of the following music:

"This group captures the essence of what I enjoy about traditional folk musicians. These are excellent musicians that draw you in with great stories and jokes. The music is icing on the cake. These are entertainers in every sense of the term."

- Every Other Weekly, Bellingham, WA May 1999

The Music of Four Shillings Short

Travelling musicians with a carload of instruments is nothing new in the world of folk music, but what if one of those instruments is a Sitar from India or a Renaissance Crumhorn? Going out on a musical limb is common for the group Four Shillings Short. With an ever-increasing array of instruments (over 20 at last count), including hammered dulcimer, mandola & mandolin, tinwhistle & woodwinds, sitar, banjo, percussion and vocals, their music is always varied and captivating.

In a single night, Four Shillings Short perform Traditional Irish tunes and airs, Indian Ragas, Folk Ballads, Old-Time songs, Medieval & Renaissance instrumentals and acappella numbers as well as contemporary folk and original compositions.

Their sound has been described as "wondrously diverse", "truly refreshing" and "alternative neo-Celtic folk of the first order".

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