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Eighth Street Coffee House

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We are...

A local coffeehouse with a unique atmosphere, sort of a community-gathering place. We have also become a well-known venue for musicians, hosting acoustic level performances of every kind of music from acoustic rock, traditional Celtic, comedic, spiritual, folk to blues and even bluegrass

Some of the acts that have taken the stage here include:

Jack Williams, Josh White Jr., Four Shillings Short, Madison Greene, JohnSmith, Jim "Smiley" Lewis, Tricia Alexander, Claudia Schmidt, Bill Isles and Pat Donohoe, among other well-known artists. We have had very positive feedback about the unique atmosphere we provide to musicians and audience members alike.

We aim to...

Provide a wide range of musical experiences to the people of the area. Local musicians take our stage several times each week, but we also host nationally and internationally touring acts.

What we offer...

You , as the performer, are away from all the hassle and bussle of the business aspect of the coffeehouse because the 'listening room' is not near the machines and other customers that are there for other reasons.

We provide acoustic level performances and refrain from "typical bands" because we are housed below apartments. The sound carries quite well, so there is no need to "crank-it-up"


left speaker
8 channel head
right speaker
  • 8 Channel Head
  • 2 Speakers
  • 2 Monitors
  • 3 Mics
  • 3 Mic Stands
  • Direct Plug Ins

Stage Room

Stage Left Stage Right Seating Seating

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